Case Study – Charlotte

Charlotte was 16 when she arrived at Perpetual Care in February 2012 under Section 20 accommodated.

Charlotte’s diagnosis was borderline personality, conduct and attachment disorder. Her behaviour was extremely challenging with her assaulting staff, teachers and other peers.  These assaults resulted in her appearing in court nine times and many placement breakdowns over a short period of time.  Charlotte also displayed inappropriate sexualised behaviour towards individuals which consequently saw her being placed on a Category 3 MAPPA, (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangement).  Perpetual Care was Charlotte’s final placement with the next step being a secure unit.

In the short time Charlotte has been with Perpetual Care there have been no significant incidents.  After two months she was moved from Category 3 down to Category 2 MAPPA and since her last review in July, MAPPA has been removed completely.  Due to the hard work and commitment shown by the Staff there have been no missing from home reports, no assaulting any individuals and no harm to any members of the public.  Charlotte also received a letter from Lancashire Constabulary praising her for keeping safe and not going missing during her time with Perpetual Care.  This has been achieved through strict structure and boundaries which Charlotte has responded well to and engaged in well.  She is now interacting and participating in education and therapy sessions, which previously was unheard of and is on schedule to achieve entry level Maths, English and Introduction into Stable Management and Horse Care. She is building strong relationships with staff and other professionals, which subsequently is enabling them to educate her on how to manage emotions and display appropriate behaviour through support and therapy.  This is clearly working through the evidence of the removal of her MAPPA status and her improving behaviour.

Charlotte’s Social Worker commented:-

” Charlotte has made huge steps in changing her behaviour, attitude to life and overall outlook.  This is firstly due to the young person but this placement has been hugely significant to the outcome.

Staff are always approachable, professional and communicate in a way that is helpful.  A real good example of how residential, social care and health have come together to improve the future for a young person.  Thank you”.




Image posed by model and name has been changed