At Perpetual Care, we recognise that some children and young people who have experienced trauma and disruption in their early lives are less likely to be academic or focussed on gaining an education.

We ensure that each child and young person is assessed and an individually tailored education package is compiled based on their requirements, ability and capacity. Consideration is also give to the information already received at the point of placement which would include PEPs and previous school reports.

Therefore, we have developed partnerships with two educational partners to assist in returning young people into full time education:

  1. Alternative and Complementary Education and ResidentiaL Service (ACERS)
  2. and the Alternative School (or TAS as it is known to a lot of the young people)

ACERS part of LEA works within Lancashire providing education for a wide range of pupils who, for a variety of reasons, do not attend mainstream School. The Short Stay Schools, of which there are five offer a teaching and learning environment providing a high standard to pupils who have access to teaching groups with a maximum of eight pupils with a Teacher and Teaching Assistant.

TAS offer every young person the opportunity to start again and feel included in an innovative and exciting alternative KS4 curriculum. Tailored for young people who are not engaging with main stream education due to a number of different reasons. The focus is on building self esteem and confidence and also actively working to improve reading, writing, understanding, Numeracy and I.C.T.

All the young people are thoroughly assessed including risk assessments, individual educational plans are drawn up and a realistic individual educational time table is formed to meet each young persons unique needs and requirements.