Mental Health Support

Perpetual Care provides a range of residential and community based support services for individuals with mental health conditions in safe, therapeutic and structured environments. Our aim is to empower individuals by providing a care pathway which focuses on recovery, encouraging people to gain control of their lives, enjoy sustainable independence and have belief in their potential.

We provide support for some people with mental health problems in their own homes, whilst others require specialised residential support to enable them to recover and develop. Designing specialist support to suit a person’s unique requirements is key to our services, with a focus on recovery, social inclusion, enablement and personal development.

Our specialist mental health services

hospital mental health service center

We recognise that mental health conditions affect everyone in very different ways, so to meet this challenge, we have a range of services designed to meet a variety of needs including:

  • Specialist residential care including opportunities
  • Innovative support programmes in a safe and caring environment
  • Support in accessing education and paid employment prospects
  • Progression through a care pathway that fulfils each individual’s maximum potential
  • Multidisciplinary team assistance
  • Choices for the people we support that encompass each individual’s needs to achieve positive outcomes and make a transition to more independent living

We aim to support individuals by means of a care pathway that meets their requirements and fulfils their maximum potential.

Our approach to support

When it comes to mental health conditions, receiving the correct support can aid recovery and improve symptoms. For other people, the right support means being able to develop coping techniques which can make a noticeable difference to their everyday lives.

Nurse holding hands with senior woman sitting in wheelchair in garden of care home

Each individual is supported by a specialist and highly qualified team, experienced in supporting people with mental health conditions. We use person-centred care plans to ensure that individuals receive the correct level of care and support when using our service. Individuals are encouraged to contribute to their plans, as well as expressing what their goals and aspirations are, and the steps that are needed to achieve them.  

Get in touch

Living with a mental health condition can be challenging, but there is always support available should you need it. For more information on the mental health support services we can offer, please contact us on 0845 1304 748 or email