Teen Star Approach

The Outcomes Star™ measures progress for children and adolescents receiving support in order to maximise independence or achieve other goals. There are different versions of the Star for different sectors (e.g. homelessness, substance misuse, mental health and young people). However all versions consists of a number of scales and a Star chart (Teen Star pictured left) onto which the service user’s score on each scale is plotted. The attitudes and behaviour expected at each of the points on each scale are clearly defined in detailed scale descriptions and summary ladders giving the scores some objectivity. These descriptions are based on an explicit model of change which creates coherence across the whole tool.

This version has been developed for and with teenagers in a child and adolescent mental health home setting, but can be developed in other services for teenagers.  The outcome areas are listed as below and link to the five high-level Every Child Matters framework (ECM) as follows:-