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What people say about our services

Quote MarksThe CPN confirmed that the current placement has been the best the Service User has ever had. The credit for this obviously goes to the Management of Somerset House. The Manager of Somerset House is to be commended for the tremendous effort in keeping MF very stable
Dr Ajayi – Consultant Psychiatrist
Quote MarksI currently have a Mental Health Service User placed at Somerset House. In his long history of care placements, this has been the best in meeting his needs and keeping him stable. I would highly recommend the service at Perpetual Care as they deliver care that is both high quality and service user centred
Annabel Marsh – CPN – Manchester AMH Social Services
Quote MarksI love the recent improvements that have been made to my Home and like my room very much. The staff put in a great deal of effort to meet my personal needs and show 100% commitment. I don't however see them as staff, all I see are friends.
MM - Perpetual Care Service User for 13 years
Quote MarksI have been at Perpetual Care for 3 years and love the holidays we go on every year. All the Staff have respect and love for us and the Manager is our knight in shining armour. She has got a heart of gold, like all the Staff.
MF - Perpetual Care Service User