It’s time to take mental ill health seriously

There was something depressingly familiar about the coverage this week of the government’s latest defeat to its controversial health and social care bill.

At its heart was an amendment which made explicit on the face of the bill that both mental and physical health should enjoy parity within the health system.

It was an important step, a moment that Peers recognised that mental ill health should no longer be treated as the hidden problem it once was, but be right at the heart of the health promotion agenda. Yet despite this, coverage on the amendment focussed not on the issue at stake, but about the political ramifications it had for the government.

When 1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental health problem, ranging from stress, anxiety and depression through to full blown psychophrenia mental ill health will at some point touch us all, be it suffering ourselves or having a friend or family member who suffers.

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